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Rain Barrels
Install a rain barrel to catch storm run off for using to water plants, etc. around your home etc.

Rain Barrels have been carried by Domina's Agway, 1348 East Main Rd., Portsmouth 401-683-1203
Here are a few links to find information....

EPA's Rain Barrel site

Rhode Island Water Lady

Midwestern Sales (free shipping)

Fiskers - Diverters, barrel systems

Rain Brothers

The Rain Barrel Depot

Rain Barrel USA

Aaron's Rain Barrels

Rain Reserve - Barrel system, diverters, accessories

Great American Rain Barrel Company


Reduce your garbage output by composting kitchen scraps and yard waste. Turn it into compost to use back in your yard and garden.

URI - Master Composter & Recycler Program

Compost Bins have been carried by Domina's Agway, 1348 East Main Rd., Portsmouth 401-683-1203

Composting Bins from RI Resource Recovery

Green Culture Composter Bins

Rhodeside Revival - compost pickup service




Information and Resources

RI Resource Recovery Corp

What can and can't be recycled in RI.
Compost and Recycling Bins - information on how to, and where to get bins.    
Eco-Depot - a free service for Rhode Islanders who wish to dispose of their household hazardous waste safely and properly

Recycle #5 Plastics (yogurt cups etc.) and other items - You can also purchase items from these companies that were made with recycled plastics and made in the USA.

Preserve Products - includes the "Gimme 5" recycling program for things like yogurt cups, along with old Brita filters. Gimme 5 drop off locations include most Whole Foods stores. However items can be collected and mailed to them too.

Terracycle - has programs for many items not usually recyclable in local programs. They use "Brigades" to collect the items and then payments to charities can be made.

Earth911 - search for recycling programs for various items.

Electronics Recycling at Best Buy Stores - Kiosks in store for inkjet cartridges, batteries, cell phones, CDs/DVDs, PDAs, smartphones. Turn them into Best Buy gift cards. For larger items you must go through their online trade in process. (Editor's Note: this online process is not fast, took over a month to get gift cards for a computer I traded in, but it was a good solution in my case.)

Earth Friendly Gardening

American Water Works Association

Rechargeable Battery Recycling

Free Cycle - Pass along things that still work but you don't need.

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